Discontinuing Reading Roars!

After much umming and ahhing I have decided to discontinue Reading Roars!, a blog I started in July 2005. With the last update going up October 2010 (half a year ago), the blog has run out of steam and spluttered to a halt.  This has happened before, but on this occasion I will let it rest.  Readers may continue to comment on earlier posts but my quill will move on to other things.

I would like to thank John McGarvey, Felicity Ford and Johnny Arrow for their fantastic contributions, and of course Reading Roars! readers.  What a wonderful bunch you all are!

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Matt Brady

Born and raised in Reading. Started Reading Roars! in 2005. Loves traditional pubs, football and making people laugh. Currently living in Kuala Lumpur, several miles east of Reading.

One thought on “Discontinuing Reading Roars!”

  1. Oh blimey, I’ve only just found this!

    Still congratulations for keeping the blog going for five years and I look forward to delving through the archive material.

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